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Voyage dans l'espace temps

The Universe has been in constant progress from the dawn of time. This dynamic display of our solar system can be powered by a gearing-based complex mechanism. Thus our galaxy turns out to be a subtle mechanical system in motion.
By creating this Copernic type heliocentric planetarium, Horlogerie Passemant has examined it in depth. Through this unique piece a myriad of mechanical parts comes into life, adhering to the tempo which paces the years, lunar cycles, seasons and the planets dance. This dance is directed by astronomical cycles and the mysterious Golden Number.

Unique to this world and beyond, this planetarium saw the light of day in the heart of the Jura mountains. It is just steps away from the worldwide famous Franco-Swiss watch making area.
Built with the purest traditional mechanical engineering methods, cleverly mixing handcrafting techniques from yesteryears and cutting-edge modern technology, this mechanism recreates accurately the cycles of the 9 planets and their position in the 12 constellations with never achieved before precision.

This planetarium is the outcome of an alchemy between mechanics and fundamental knowledge. It creates in everyone a moving fascination.

1500 hours spent on design and concept

600 hours spent on manufacturing

Every heliocentric planetarium is unique, designed and customized to your own requirements

Work of excellence by prestigious materials

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